Along the Lines of Happiness is a unique experiment between artist Laura Ellen Bacon and furniture maker Sebastian Cox to challenge the versatility and properties of some exceptional but underutilised U.S. hardwoods: American soft maple, American cherry and American red oak.

In an evolution of The Invisible Store of Happiness, a project created for Clerkenwell Design Week 2015 and initiated by the American Hardwood Export Council, Along the Lines of Happiness will be presented in Italy for the first time and will evolve on site into a very expressive form.

Bacon and Cox will literally open the borders of the installation in a live performance that will take place during Salone del Mobile, at the Porticato Largo Richini at University Estatale of Milan during Interni Open Borders (11th to 23rd April 2016).

Designer Sebastian Cox and sculptor Laura Ellen Bacon, in a return to the dialogue between their two different creative worlds, will bend, fold and intertwine thin strips of wood to create the installation, which will be 3 metres high and 9 metres long.
In addition to the adaptation of the structure an “integral part of the installation and of the creative moment will be the workbench that we have studied and designed specifically to show, during the performance, how the wood is processed,” says Bacon.  “This workbench is a fundamental element of the process, as well as a magnificent piece that blends the materials of the whole structure. Inside the bench, we’ve got a tools bag that should be hidden, a steam box, an area to soak the wood, and a space where we can draw both technical drawings and pencil sketches. It is a wonderful world where we give life to our creations.

Pictures by Giovanni Nardi